Our mission

Our mission is to become an advanced and constantly developing organization offering a full range of reliable, modern medical services and constantly improving the quality of service and patient care.

Our history.

Funda Hospital has been providing medical services to our people since 1998. More than 70 specialists working here are always ready to take care of your health. The hospital is equipped with modern medical technologies and there are such medical departments as: surgery, diagnostics, gynecology, pediatrics, therapy, cardiology, traumatology, physiotherapy, urology, etc. Not limited to success in the field of medicine, we are constantly working to improve the methods of treatment, quality, types and directions of our services. Our highly qualified staff regularly participates in various conferences, courses, expanding the boundaries of their knowledge. Funda Hospital has become a fully functional medical institution for 21 years. Trust us and be sure that your health is in safe hands.